The band was technically formed about three years ago.  At that time Burnowt  consisted of Chris and Malcolm ( Tribulation ) on vocals, Greg on Drums, Zak and Booker on Guitar,and  Alice on Bass.  within the next two years the band ended up with 2 new bassists and the removal of Malcolm as second vocals.  He went on to pursue his solo career and formed the boy band Tribulation. Finally, settling with Stevie G   (aka Guh) on bass the band ended up in the state you see today. 


Thats right... fat and drunk....

Within those last 3-4 years the bands style has gone from your basic run of the mill metal to a heavier, faster, sludgier, harder brand of metal.  Burnowt has been classified as HARDCORE, METALCORE, SLUDGECORE, RAPCORE, and tons of other stupid labels that people put on music ... The band has also enjoyed some great reviews from various sites, people, and bands as well as some not so great reviews from people, sites, and bands that straight out HATE OUR GUTS.


Love us.. or hate us... whatever you think... bottom line... we dont fucking care... we make music that comes from within us naturally... we're not out to impress you... we're not out to piss you off... we're just out to make some noise, get fucked up, and take out some pent up aggression... so...