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all lyrics by STARVIN CHRIS HARVIN  

30 Pack Love Gun

 Influenced by – the hops and barley inside

I got my ammunition – to fill up my love gun

Don’t cross my line


I gave you sunshine in your darkness

I gave you dirt to walk your way

But then you threw it in my face you ignorant

You wasted soul, you’re the phlegm I spit

And then you wonder why I’m so livid inside


A constitution written in stone

To bind the two connected souls

But what was I to do

I gave you trust, then came the lust

Not of my control

My 30 pack and my weapon, ready to fight


Separation of a designation

The truth hides behind every lie

Pure integrity that leaks from the cup

Of morality, what a special day

The thrill of the hunt


Thoughts are cavernous

What did I do?

Lacerated eye

Morning light shines through


No recollection, no guilt to follow

An ocean of pain to drown any sorrow

Suppression as full as the breath of the night life

Ring around the substance, we all fall down


Knife inside the back

Suffering, is that what you want?

Knife inside the back

Suffering, pang for every punch


Rise defense

Process all innocence

Rise defense

Process any innocence




 We’re not contagious

Contents, the though process of belligerence coincided with

The ignorance caused by frustration

All souls domesticated…just another dog in training

Kneel to the everlasting!


 Punch the barrel

Feel the skin swell

 Heart rates accelerate

Distaste is all we make

 Take from us of what you will


But in truth, you have nothing to steal

The source has been depleted

So has the urge to stick around

Lustful and fornicating…even in the eyes of the law

Staple the pride to the self



Bound by duct tape in a corner

Trapped by the drive to attain the power

That’s what you get, was it worth the struggle

Bludgeoned to the state of unconsciousness


Bludgeoned, bleeding, peeling the skin off the ground, angered now!


Take another life and you’re eradicating mankind

No more talking, combat, conquer




Left in the murkiest waters behind

Waiting for a chance of resurrection

Oblivious to death


Should there be compromise

For too much time in a chamber

Without the comfort of the sun


Hand picked for a resurrection

My passing was a contradiction

Don’t be sad, we shall return


Seen as the fiend with the damaging heart

Always coming back for more frustration

Oblivious to death


So should we reconcile?

Accept all of this anger

And face the fact we haven’t won




Laws of life, I can defy

Terrified, but I’ll survive

Shift the mass to solid state

Fighting sleep to stay awake


Grouped to mass, or stand alone

Actions past, I can’t condone

Seconds through the time to break

Shattered worlds will dissipate



Self Mutilation


Feel the fucking needles, feel the needles, fucking needles

Feel the fucking needles, feel the pain of my needles

I give all strength every time I get the urge

A treacherous force twitching every nerve

I get depressed when I think myself over

But all I can feel is the blood dripping down my face


Why'd I do this to myself again

Self mutilation makes me feel again


The sharpest razor making full contact

And all I can feel is this pain when I fall back

Where is the life that I deserve

I can't find it so my skin is what I burn


Don't call me crazy, I've just lost my mind

And all I can feel looking down that road

Is a sense of trouble, and all it's worth

A social standpoint that I decline


Don’t call me stupid, I'm just confused

I have all these thoughts that I can't control

Making actions for me; it makes me sick

I put this knife up to my throat cause


I feel immortal


I beat myself in the head once again

And I'll never know if it's gonna end

You show your disgust every time I make a move

But I don't care cause I'm running out of booze




The intersection’s coming, but it’s so far away

I hear the rhythms calling, but it’s so hard to say

This road so unfamiliar, when in this state of mind

Feels like I’m going too fast, but I’m so far behind


Don’t turn away, look at the road and take away all of your imagination

Mind the road, don’t turn away and watch yourself


I have the right of way but, you ignore that instead

Initial contact’s screeching, yet you felt fine and fled

Looking at my surroundings, and I can barely breath

Looking at my surroundings, this is my blood I bleed


What is it going through you mind

Going through your head

When you turn and look at me


Broken glass all in my face

Thirteen stitches give me disgrace

I cannot look you in the face

Cause you’re the one that caused this pain


What if you felt like I feel when I kill (I won’t tell)



Suffocated Wounds


To fill the void…you need concrete evidence

To fill the void…you need concrete evidence

To extract a lie…you need to suffer the consequence

To extract a lie…you need to suffer the consequence


Can’t escape the lies of evil eyes


Cannot do this anymore…consciousness is getting sore


In time the wounds will heal but scars remain the same

Constant reminder that we cannot turn away

An inspiration that can make a better day

Smother the wounds and suffocate


Suffocated wounds…frozen in time…frozen in time



Panic Room

who grabs mics with the grip of the system

clutching cold steel like a heart attack victim

rhyme defibulator, push on the fader

get them limbs moving or thought stimulator

catch the wave or go fetch the brave

and get on line for who's next to save

no names but you're supposed to show

gratitude for what you're supposed to know

so i'll impose a flow and apply the pressure

giving you enough time to admire a stretcher

plug an i-v, inject an o-z

turn the v's up and listen closely

spit a thought that'll eat you from the inside

and won't stop till it busts thru to the outside

with a mouth wide, let out a scowl that's loud

leaving your ear canals turned inside out


Grab a victim for show and tell

Abundance of pride that overflows the well

Levitate to a state that irritates the mind

Grab the boot of wasted time

Brain goes into shock, source of oxygen locked

And I’ve got the key to give you power to breathe

I’ll pull the plug and watch you slip

When the heart stops, your chest is all you can grip


look how leak the bad is

this speak is tragic on your thinking apparatus

fry cells like a fresh rail

take your loss to heart but even the best fail

break your focus, deter determination

spit a verse raw enough to disturb a nation

open a sore that you closed before

and impose torture on your soul some more

can you handle it, with the wick of a candle lit

perform my ritual as i wait for the apocalypse

got the closed minded mocking this

with their head in a guillotine waiting for me to drop some sh*t seperating the mental from the physical or let you live in your world that's more like a fish bowl you on the spot again f*cking up the plot we mend a rotting body just sucking up the oxygen


move your waste of flesh from in front of me

while i wait for death to escape and straight come to me

with his hand out while he sees you trying to skirt thru

and comes back in physical form to HURT YOU!


Life is not guaranteed

Take it for granted and break open the seams

Your body swaggers, a fight till the death

Another victim claimed and there’s no one left


An empty chamber, the darkness, the smell of rotting flesh

An indication of victory

Rule every hand from the sea to the land

Submerged in this power, addiction to a monarchy


Inscribe a page with pride and rage

my mind's a waste inside my space

prescribe a case with a line to trace

trying to find a happy place BEHIND MY FACE!


Every dog has its day

Tolerate or escape, my shadow starts to fade

With the sunset comes the onset

Vision lost to a blur

All hope is lost, my pride is burned


While that painted on smile runs down the chin

alas to reveal another sheisty grin

with a shady shine reflected off the teeth

after it leaves me blind it's engulfing me

take a spin in the park of the seven sins

for the sole amusement of six sick men

self vs self, lose and win at the same time

a caged mind losing life to enraged pride




One Too Many


Another night out at the club

Currency has overrun

Vision slowly shifts to blur

And our moment starts to turn


Staggering from left to right

As gravity puts up a fight

Nicotine burned to the butt

And to the back, a fight erupts


Try to escape

The only hypothesis

So open the gate

Avoid the apocalypse


Now I regret the day

Wish I could start it all over

Now I regret the day

One too many drinks and it’s over


Fall out…pass out…burned out…thrown out


How’d I get in this pit?

I think I ought to quit

Balled up and tucked away

Flash back to yesterday


Staggering from left to right

As gravity puts up a fight

Nicotine burned to the butt

And to the back, a fight erupts



Now waiting to hear all that you fear

Left in the mind…burned by the sign




Take my hand…don’t you know you’re livin tha good life

Walk with me…to escape the endless pain


An antidote relieves the pain; the opium does drive insane

The magnitude of breaking glass, should cut away the naked past.

Who can define an endless line of infinite wisdom divine

To dissipate or disburse time, to conquer all and turn out just fine


One step closer; going nowhere

One foot higher; where no one dares


In defying fate, no repeating pasts, In a great escape, Suspense lasts.


What you’re living is a good life (blood clot)


An empty void with eerie sounds reverberates in you


The solitude of endless time incorporates an active mind

To conjure up a devoid plan to conquer every species of man

A heart attack, release of the mind, when stepped back on an LSD trip

Wasted in your indecision, twisted in your fucked up mind


Kill Time Frenzy


Gone too far with this silence

Locked away in our darkness


Creatures of the night, we tread around

With a vengeance from living underground


Gone too far with this silence

Locked away in our darkness

Stepped on me for the last time

Can’t wait to see my sun shine


Look at yourself

Gone too far

Burdened by wealth

Gone too far

Your culture rapes

Gone too far

Driven by hate

Gone too far


I want to forgive you, but I can’t



Driven By Hate


I can’t believe my eyes

Since you shed the blood of the innocent

And poured it on your face…wiped it on your face

Spread it on your face


I can’t believe this is happening…[Your]

I can’t believe this is real…[Blood]


I knew I should not have trust you

I will never trust you again


You won’t believe your eyes

When I shed the blood of the innocent

And pour it on your face…wipe it on your face

Spread it on your face


There may come a time

When we’ll all see one way, and I can’t wait


Tell me what has just gone through your mind now

I don’t know what’s just gone through my mind now


Take away this pain…cause you give life

Wash away this pain…cause you give life


 Fury For All

Smeared is the blood of those who try

Within a battle full of discord

Triumphant are the ones who strife

And follow through with no remorse

Anger, the catalyst of rage

Breaking through the barrier

The beast within crawls to the surface



Mine Radiates

I see yours as well


Tension inside forever mounts

And is the forerunner of assault

Governing actions, stealing ground

And every execution’s my fault

Friction is my addiction

The skin splits from my incision

Singe...the...outer canvas of life

To leave a message for those left behind


Like a thief in the night

Steal my heart

Blanketed by black velvet rose

Tear me apart


You’ve plagued my mind

Fascinated…by your site

And I hate it



You’ve plagued my mind


I’ve experienced all that I can

Not enough to satisfy

All I need is a second chance

Just enough to pacify me…the selfish

To insulate my indulgence

Calm my craving…my thirst for more

My longing for



Buckled Ball Gag


Default to boredom and wait for the day to die

Politician, what is my decision?

I think I’ll try

To lift up my spirit and hope that I’m hearing the air of flight


Valor, endurance from within

Intensified by your corruption

Unveil the mask that hides the sin

Developed by your destruction


Fall in flying fists…time for war…start with this



Unwrap the blindfold and see life with your own eyes

Domination, what’s your target nation?

Defend your right

For freedom and glory, to retell the story of endless sight


Sever the rein


Voice encryption to hide

Secret messages or lies


Don’t look so confused

Nothing’s gonna change the way you pick and choose

Pray for order but incite insanity

I’m sick of fighting and you’re not the boss of me!






Retina’s Ablaze

What you see me do you can’t hold me to

Blue is blue, even in different shades

A product of the eye, marked by a swell of haze

Blinded by my own sight…blinded by my own sight

Even though blue is blue, laid out in different shades

A product of the eye, marked by a swell of haze


Retina’s ablaze! 


Burn the images…delete memory


What you see me do you can’t hold me to

Green is the color of envious

A product of the eye, leader of grievances

Plans derailed, tried but failed…plans derailed, tried but failed

Even though green is the color of envious

A product of the eye, leader of grievances


Retina’s Ablaze!


Burn the images…delete memory


Blindfolded, tossed to the world…darkened world


Please give us strength, lead us all…lead us all!


Feel the way through dirt, grime, anger

Substituting a vision


Bowl of Tumors


A shallow pool swells in the brain

Indignant thoughts…on rough terrain

This attitude reflects a taste

And it’s written all over my face…so I

Twist one, I set myself in bliss with one

Sit back and let my memories run

All the abstract art in the world

Can’t change my view on how I see through my door


I know what you’re going through…

what it’s like to be you!


Don’t let the voice break through

Don’t let it break you down.


Who makes up the time and place?

You have no control over your own fate

So count your blessings and await

The fear waiting for you past the gate

Twist one, I set myself in bliss with one

Sit back and let my memories run

All the abstract art in the world

Can’t change my view on how I see through my door


…Take a shallow swallow of life and wait for death

…Marvel at this wonder and wait for what is left

…Keep fighting more and more

…Keep light of what it’s for

…Take a shallow swallow of life and wait for death

…Marvel at this wonder and wait for what is left


All are the same angle when entangled

We try to break free to live just another day


What are you waiting for?



D.W. 5000 Mindfuck


A complete absence of the state of grace

In time…we walk the mile

Hoping not to return


Somewhere…the hand of influence

Takes a firm grip

Never to lose control


Inspire…my train of thought


When the heart’s not goin nowhere

I can feel it in my brain

When the heart’s not goin nowhere

I can feel it in my veins


When my heart’s not goin nowhere!


Within this time…I discovered that you were my enemy

Between the lies…I discovered that you were my enemy


Everybody Dies


I see it in your face that you're left with no trace

And everywhere you move, it’s a lesson you lose

I see it in your eyes that you’re running out of your time

I see it in your face that you're left with no trace



Why do I feel this pain?


Anger is the only way


Substitution versus will


Suppression keeps me still


Developing the pain of a lesson in vain

Seconds on the clock giving more time to rot

Looking kind of pale leaning over that rail

A minor tragedy pitted full of misery


Why…why do I feel this way now?

Take this away from me…go away


You made me look like an asshole, in front of everybody

You made me look like an asshole, in front of everyone

You think you suffer the most, well just take a look around you

You think you suffer the most, well just look at everyone





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